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Interested in inspired corporate team-building, leadership development or corporate adventure challenges? Instinctively Wild offers a range of exciting bespoke corporate outdoor training events in woodland settings.

Developing teamwork and leadership skills through hands-on outdoor activities such as bushcraft, shelter building, environmental art and campfire cooking can inspire fresh perspectives and flexible thinking, with additional benefits for communication, engagement, motivation, resilience and confidence.

Our corporate outdoor training sessions are delivered by experienced facilitators and designed around your organisation’s needs, in partnership with Organisational Development Consultants.

Leadership Training

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Get to know your team

Our leadership training is aimed at managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to work more effectively with their teams.

We offer a variety of sessions for corporate clients, and use a blended approach involving experiential learning in woodland settings, combined with individual coaching sessions or short workshop-based learning to complement the outdoor element of the programme. All sessions are tailored to the participants’ needs.

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Positive Team Development

This is a corporate training package aimed at improving team cohesiveness and performance. It includes an initial contracting, planning and coaching session with the lead manager, a bespoke team development day in a woodland venue, and a follow-up session for the lead manager to reflect on the impact on team functioning and effectiveness.

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Build effective teams

We take the approach of acknowledging and appreciating your team’s existing strengths as a valued foundation for development. Issues typically addressed in these development days include clarifying the strategic narrative, mapping out priorities and understanding critical processes, improving communication and collaboration, accessing more creativity and innovation, and generally getting to know colleagues better to improve team morale.

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Leadership and Followership Programme

This is a short two-day workshop in a woodland setting to explore the relationship between leadership and followership. The target group is supervisors, team leaders and managers at all levels in corporate organisations.

While leadership is one of the most prominent topics in business today, much less attention is paid to followership, yet its impact on success is crucial. This workshop is a chance to explore the principles of good followership that enhance organisational effectiveness.

corporate outdoor training – leadership

Think outside the box

‘Employees do a great deal more following than leading, even as leaders. For the most part, followership behaviours drive tactical successes. Leadership talents and skills propel strategic accomplishments.’ Rodger Adair

At the end of the first day, each participant will have the opportunity to reflect on key learning and insights, assess their current reality, and put together a detailed individual action plan.

The second experiential session is scheduled for the following month. This allows time for individual reflection via journaling, and weekly supportive e-mails with additional teaching points and invitational tasks.

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Building Resilient Teams Programme

This is a transformational team intervention based over a three-month period, suitable for all teams. The main elements are three team days in a woodland setting with some classroom-based teaching input, plus self-directed individual study and contemplation. Resilience is not just about the ability to bounce back from difficult situations or setbacks. It’s a quality that teams can build and develop to help them be more productive and effective under pressure, and able to perform well on a consistent basis.

The first two days are placed close together, with a follow-up session two months later to monitor improvements and practical experiences. Four dimensions of resilience are explored during the first two days: mind, body, heart or emotional balance, and the less recognised aspect of resilience, which considers our need to have purpose, meaning and a sense of connection in our working lives.

During the two-month gap between Day 2 and Day 3, all team members are encouraged to undertake an eight-week self-directed mindfulness programme using support material developed originally by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Day 3 builds on the insights from the individual mindfulness practice, and actively explores individual reactive patterns when under pressure, and ways of shifting into a more resourced and more balanced state of being. This experiential approach is based on the understanding that stress tends to show up first in our bodies before it registers on our conscious radar screens. Work pressure may remain the same but individual team members, and therefore the team as a whole, has fundamentally changed its way of relating to work-related demands. A key outcome is to refresh and revitalise teams undergoing significant organisational change.


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