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Why would we like a Nordic tipi and stove?

Each of our programmes takes place outdoors, whatever the time of year. Being outdoors is the essence of what we do. With your help to buy a tipi, we can take things to the next level.

A Nordic tipi and stove will be the icing on the cake. Or should that be ‘the marshmallow on the smore’?”

  • We will take it to festivals, helping us to raise money for our projects and spread the word about what we do.
  • We will use it on our projects. For those who have dementia. For vulnerable adults. For youngsters and their carers.
  • It will be fantastic on our away days and give us a real edge (where 100% of profits go back into our social aims and let us do even more for even more people

We love our campfire and tarps, but imagine that cosy space. Transportable. Quick to put up. Up to 35 people can sit down inside. Wow!

Pledge as much or as little or you like. Snap up one of our fantastic rewards. Help us to reach our target.


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